What to do when the Temperatures Soar

June 19, 2023

“A quick call to 211 could save someone’s life.”

Calling 211 is a simple way for Winnipeggers to take action when they see someone struggling in the heat

With temperatures and humidity expected to remain high over the next several days, United Way Winnipeg wants to urgently remind Winnipeggers to call 211 if they see someone suffering through
the dangerous effects of extreme weather.

“A call to 211 means direct connection to help, especially when you see someone struggling and you don’t know what to do next,” said 211 Manitoba Director Daniel Leonard.

“It’s important public information to know – a quick call to 211 could save someone’s life.”

Environment and Climate Change Canada says extreme heat can affect anyone, and high temperature or humidity conditions create an elevated risk of illnesses like heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Calling 211:

Additionally, 211MB has worked with Main Street Project and End Homelessness Winnipeg to create a Summer Resource Guide that will assist individuals in finding resources in extreme weather. Visit here to learn more and download the guide.

In your news outlet’s stories about heat warnings and weather, we urge you to consider including information about 211 as a public service. The more people know about 211, the more likely they will remember to reach out when they encounter someone who needs help.

“211 is a simple tool for Winnipeggers to take action when they witness a neighbour in need,”
said Leonard. “By calling 211, no one needs to struggle alone.”