Victim Services

Every spring through fall, there is an increase in the number of break and enters while home owners are in their yard. Some studies suggest that there is a relationship between warm weather and an increase in crime and disorderly conduct. Spending time outside is not an invitation for others to enter your home, to take your belongings, or to threaten your sense of safety and security.

There are a number of things that you can do to reduce the likelihood of being a victim of a crime while enjoying Manitoba’s beautiful summers. The Winnipeg Police provides a guide on personal safety in the home. Click here to view a copy.

Another preventative measure is to organize or participate in your local Neighbourhood Watch Program. In Winnipeg there is also the TakeAction program.  Other Police Services may have similar programs.

If you notice suspicious or odd behaviour in your neighbourhood, review The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act and file a complaint with Manitoba Justice. For more information on the Safer Communities and Neighbourhood Act and/or filing a complaint, call the Public Safety Investigations office at 204-945-3475. If you are reporting a property crime and it does NOT meet the definition of an emergency (listed above), then dial the Police Non-Emergency telephone number, 204-986-6222.

If you’ve been a victim of crime, the Criminal Law Branch of the Ministry of Justice (Victim Services) helps victims cope with their feelings and deal with the traumatic event. Taking steps to getting back to normal is important, and can be a difficult process for both the individual and their families. Learning to understand the emotions of victimization can help people cope with their feelings and deal with the traumatic event.

In addition to the support offered by some local police services, and the Criminal Law Branch of the Ministry of Justice, click here to view other services offered in your community or go to the Legal Issues Tab and select ‘Victim Services’ to find additional resources.