Tips for successful searching

1. The most effective way to search is by using the tiles. However, if you do not see the service that most closely relates to the issue for which you are looking for support, another option is to use the keyword search at the top of the page. To use the keyword search, type in the service you are looking for and your location. 

2. Identify what service you are looking for and click on the corresponding tile.














3. Enter the address of where you, or the person requiring the service, live. This can be your current location, or the address of a third party if you`re searching on behalf of someone else (a client, friend, parent, grandparent).

4. Select one or more of the types of services you’re looking to find.












5. After you click search, a list of relevant services will come up arranged by distance closest to the location entered. If you’d prefer the services to be listed alphabetically, click the arrow on the right hand side of the page. Sort using the up and down arrows on either side of the page.

Helpful tip: Items with a mailing address only will be sorted last, so be sure to go all the way to the bottom of your list to ensure you’ve reviewed them all.

6. Click on the name of an agency or program for more information. To see additional services offered, click on the link marked ‘x Additional Services’ (if available).