Adult Crisis Services – South at Westman Crisis Services

Provided By Prairie Mountain Health

Service Description

is a multi-disciplinary team specializing in crisis intervention, mental health assessment and short term follow-up for adults in mental health crisis situations, providing services through the Crisis Stabilization Unit and the Mobile Crisis Unit.

The Crisis Stabilization Unit provides 8 beds for short-term, intensive crisis intervention. unit for people needing a place to stay for a few days while receiving professional support during time of crisis. CSU team will help you develop a plan to deal with the situation that threatens your mental health. Plan is individualized and includes many components including working in partnership with your mental health supports. Referrals may be initiated by other Mental Health professionals; if a person is self-referring to CSU they may be asked to be seen by the MCU staff for assessment prior to consideration for admission.

Mobile Crisis Unit (MCU) is a voluntary service available by phone 24 hours a day providing support to Brandon and Prairie Mountain Health South communities. We welcome calls or referrals from anyone concerned about a persons mental health status. MCU staff will also meet with people in their own home or other suitable place in Brandon and PMH South.