Information for Victims at Victim Services Unit — Prairie Region

Provided By Canada. Correctional Service Canada

Service Description

Provides victims with the information they need to have an effective voice in the federal correctional system.
Visit the website for services and information, including:
  • Register as a Victim
    • Registration is not automatic. Victims wishing to receive information must first register with either the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) or the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC). This is to respect those victims who do not wish to receive information about the offender who harmed them.
    • To register, complete a Request for Victim Registration form. Because the PBC and CSC jointly coordinate their victim services, victims can submit their completed form to either organization.
    • You can also name a representative or agent to act on your behalf by sending a written notice authorizing the representative or agent.
  • Provide a Victim Statement
    • Victims are encouraged to provide a Victim Statement to express the continuing impact of the crime on their lives. The Statement is considered in decision-making throughout the course of the offender's sentence. Note, Victim Statements are different from Victim Impact Statements that you may have submitted as part of sentencing.
    • You can submit a statement at any time, which may include:
      • The impact that the crime continues to have on you
      • Your views about the possible conditional release of this offender
      • Asking the Correctional Service of Canada to consider your area of residence when making release plans
      • Requesting that the offender be prevented from communicating with you or your family (known as a no-contact condition) or from going to any specified place (known as a geographic condition).
  • Victim's Portal
    • A simple, secure way to send and receive information online. It allows victims and/or their named representatives to access information they are entitled to, as defined by law, at their convenience.
  • Making a Complaint
    • If you believe your rights under the Canadian Victim Bill of Rights have been infringed, violated or denied, you can make a complaint. Victims also have the right to make a complaint if they believe that their rights have not been respected.
  • Victim Resources
    • A collection of resources for victims of crime.
  • Contact Information for Victim Services (National and Regional Victim Services offices).