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Provides general health insurance programs for all eligible Manitoba residents without premiums.Covers most medical services and hospital ward services.Provides financial assistance for seniors to purchase eyeglasses; specified prescription drugs for eligible persons based on family income.Coverages and financial assistance include:
* hospital stays at the standard ward level* appointments at a doctor's office, house calls and doctors' services in hospital* certain prosthetic and orthotic devices such as orthopedic shoes for children under 18 years on a cost shared basis* certain chiropractic and optometry services* certain dental procedures when performed by dental surgeons or periodontists in hospital* hearing aids for children under 18 years of age on a cost-shared basis* cleft lip and cleft palate treatment and rehabilitation for children under 18 yrs. includes routine dental maintenance, prosthetics including crown and bridge and services provided by orthodontists* breast prosthesis & surgical brassieres* telecommunication devices (tdd) for the profoundly deaf on a cost-shared basis* artificial eyes* infant contact lenses* prosthetic limbs and orthotic devices, care in personal care homes. is responsible for standards of facilities and service at personal care homes and hospitals registered by manitoba health. handles complaints lodged against them.The Manitoba Pharmacare program is designed to protect every Manitoban against financial hardships associated with catastrophic drug costs. It provides universal drug coverage to all disease groups on an income basis regardless of age. Email: pharmacare@gov.mb.caPharmacies are connected to Pharmacare via the Drug Programs Information network (DPIN) which keeps track of deductible amounts for each person or family; once deductible amount has been reached, further costs for that year are covered.Eyeglasses Program offers financial assistance to individuals 65 years and over. Benefits are based on a fixed schedule for dispensing fees, standard frames and lenses. The total allowable amount is subject to a $50 deductible per family per benefit period. After the deductible, 80% of the remainder of the allowable total will be reimbursed. The rebate amount is based on the kind of glasses prescribed, not the money amount that was paid for the glasses.Personal Care Home eligibility: If you have always lived in Manitoba you are eligible. If you are a newcomer, you must have lived here for 24 consecutive months. If you formerly lived here for over 30 years you are eligible on the day you return to Manitoba after an absence of less than 10 years. If you lived in another province/territory in Canada for 5 consecutive years the waiting period does not apply.Phone for information regarding coverage for services received outside Manitoba.When requested, some special medications may be covered through the Exception Drug Status Program. A physician can apply over the phone for Exception Drug Status for a medication that is not included in the list of Pharmacare benefits. If EDS drug coverage is approved the deductible still applies and would have to be paid first.
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