Healing Haven at Candace House

Provided By Candace House Inc.

Service Description

* seeks to provide comfort, refuge, support for victims and survivors of crime
* connect victims, survivors, loved ones with relevant, culturally appropriate resources and referrals that support those impacted by crime including information about the criminal justice system, victim rights, social services, counselling, health services
* offers a safe, comforting home-like day refuge, located within one block of the Winnipeg Provincial Law Courts, for victims, survivors, families attending court proceedings
* has space available for one to two families during the day, with priority given to families who have lost a loved one through criminal violence
* offers a safe place to take a break, debrief, prepare and eat a meal or snack in a setting of privacy and confidentiality, surrounded by warmth and care
* includes a resource area with access to brochures, pamphlets, books; a place to take off your jacket, shoes and wear a pair of slippers provided for you; a fully equipped kitchen for guests to prepare and eat meals together, with coffee and tea always available; a private washroom with face towels; living room with access to WiFi, a TV with Netflix; ventilation for smudging or lighting of incense; a meeting room to speak quietly with support staff
* in light of the ongoing crisis, many programs or agencies may be closed. Please call ahead to confirm opening hours
  • Address

    Location Icon 183 Kennedy Street
    Ste 1B
    MB, R3C 1S6
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