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site location for Prairie Mountain Health Authority, Administration

is responsible for the planning and coordination of all health services for the Prairie Mountain Health Authority, Dauphin Region.

Key service areas include: public health; community mental health; therapy services; hospital services; ambulance services, diagnostic services; home care; long term care; medical services; corporate service; palliative care.

Coordinates prenatal classes, postnatal programs offering support, consultation, child development information, assessment and referrals. For details on the Healthy Baby program phone 204-638-2104 (Dauphin) or 204-734-6603 (Swan River).

Community Health Offices:


Dauphin Community Health Services; 625 - 3rd St S.W.; R7N 1R7; Ph: 204-638-2118; Fax: 204-638-8622;

Ethelbert Community Health Resource Centre; 31 Railway Ave, Mail to: P.O. Box 156; R0L 0T0; Ph: 204-742-4400, Fax: 204-742-4405;

Gilbert Plains: (sub-office) c/o Gilbert Plains Health Centre; 100 Cutforth St N., Mail to P.O. Box 368; R0L 0X0; Ph: 204-638-2118; Fax: 204-636-8622;

Winnipegosis Community Health; 230 Bridge St, Mail to: P.O. Box 36; R0L 1C0, Ph: 204-656-4721; Fax: 204-656-4402;


Alonsa Community Health; 271 Railway Ave, General Delivery; R0H 0A0; Ph: 204-767-3000; Fax: 204-767-3001;

Bacon Ridge Community Health; General Delivery, Post Office Building, Ebb & Flow; R0L 0R0; Ph: 204-448-2229; Fax: 204-732-2148;

Crane River CommunityHealth Services; Box 156; R0L 0M0; Ph: 204-732-2286; Fax: 204-732-2148;

McCreary Community Health; 613 PTH 50, Mail to: P.O. Box 208; R0J 1B0, Ph: 204-835-5010; Fax: 204-835-5011;

Ste. Rose Community Health Services; 603 - 1st Ave E., Mail to: P.O. Box 149; R0L 1S0; Ph: 204-447-4080; Fax: 204-447-4090;

Waterhen: Primary Health Care Centre; 104 North Mallard Rd, Mail to: P.O. Box 10; R0L 2C0; Ph: 204-628-3329; Fax: 204-628-3019;


Benito Primary Health Care Centre; 200 - 1st St SE., Mail to: P.O. Box 290; R0L 0C0, Ph: 539-2815; Fax: 204-539-2482;

Camperville Primary Health Care Centre; 68 Arena St, Mail to: P.O. Box 177; R0L 0J0; Phone/Fax: 204-524-2169;

Duck Bay Community Health; 57 Government Rd Allowance N., Mail to: P.O. Box 133; R0L 0N0; Ph: 204-524-2176; Fax: 204-524-2273;

Pelican Rapids Community Health; Council Office Lakeview Dr, General Delivery; R0L 0L0; Phone/Fax: 204-587-2191;

Swan River Community Health Services; 1011 Main St., Mail to: P.O. Box 1028; R0L 1Z0; Ph: 204-734-6603; Fax: 204-734-5629;


Grandview Community Health Centre, c/o Grandview District Hospital; 644 Mill St, Mail to: P.O. Box 339; R0L 0Y0, Ph: 204-546-5150, Fax: 204-546-3269;

Roblin Community Health Service; 15 Hospital St, Mail to: P.O. Box 880, R0L 1P0; Ph: 204-937-2151; Fax: 204-937-8892;
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