New Accessibility Laws in Manitoba

Nearly 175,000 people in Manitoba have a disability. That’s almost one in six people. Over the next 20 years as people grow older, the number will rise to one in five Manitobans.

For people with disabilities, barriers can be more frequent and have greater impact. There are multiple barriers that can make it extremely difficult or even impossible for people with disabilities to function. Common types of barriers may include communication, physical or transportation barriers. The biggest barrier of all is attitude, but new customer service standards are designed to address this issue.

As of November 1, 2018, new accessibility standards in customer service are being implemented to reduce barriers and improve service delivery for all kinds of participants, learners, and paying customers. This law impacts government organizations, businesses and non-profit organizations that have at least one employee and provide goods or services to the public.

To learn more about what this means for your organization, visit the government webpage Accessibility for Businesses and Non-profit Orgranizatons.

To access more information on accessibility training and awareness go to 211 MB and select the “People with Disabilities” tile followed by “Accessibility Awareness” in the pop-up window.

P.S. If you search for “Accessibility” on 211 you’ll probably get ALL of the records on 211 – because every record tells you whether the facility is accessible or not.  In order to access supports to enhance your accessibility, you’ll need to follow the steps above.