Extreme Cold Weather Resources

Call 211

The winter is hard for people who are experiencing homelessness or precariously sheltered. If you are looking for warm weather shelters in Manitoba, please call 2-1-1 for the most current situation. We will continually update this blog as we are informed of changes in programming or are notified of additional resources. 

In order to make sure that people have a place to sleep during extreme cold weather, End Homelessness Winnipeg and a number of front-line organizations have developed an Winter Weather Response Plan. 

If you, someone you know, or someone you meet, needs a place to sleep on a cold night, the Winnipeg Outreach Network Resource Guide will show you the options that are available. This pocket guide is produced by Winnipeg Outreach Network and is your map of resources across the city.  You can print your own copy or obtain a copy through the Winnipeg Outreach Network. It can be easily folded and carried in a jacket pocket.  


  • Winter Resource Guide: Listings of shelters, safe spaces, outreach vans, drop-ins, meals and washrooms.
  • Winnipeg Outreach Network Resource Guide (AND MAP): The Resource Guide is a collaboration of local service providers to put information for Hotlines, Addictions Supports, Street Outreach, Shelters, Housing, Health and Basic Needs all in one handy place.
  • Winter Safety Sheet: Plain language safety tip sheet on risk related to cold, fire and COVID19.
  • Cold Related Illness: Poster to recognize and respond to cold related illness.
  • The 2021 Winter Weather Response Plan: This plan provides information on preventing, recognizing and responding to cold illness and COVID-19. The plan also includes warming resources to help Winnipeggers remain safe during Manitoba’s harsh cold weather.

From End Homelessness Winnipeg: “If you are a service provider, you can find COVID-19 Resources for Winnipeg’s Homeless-Serving Sector here.”