For Service Providers

211 Manitoba’s information about your organization and its services is obtained directly from information provided by your organization. Organizations suggest information about their agency and its services to 211 Manitoba and if it meets the inclusion criteria, it will be added to the database. On an annual basis, 211 Manitoba sends an update form to the organization to ensure that all information is still accurate and current. Because of this, the site is continually growing and improving and we rely on you to keep the database and website up-to-date.


  • Add a listing to the 211 Manitoba Database: NEW LISTING FORM
  • To review or update an existing listing: UPDATE EXISTING LISTING FORM. Please indicate your name, where we can reach you, and the organization and program that you wish to change.

Which organizations and programs are included in the 211 Manitoba database?

211 Manitoba has established an Inclusion and Exclusion policy that outlines the criteria by which staff confirm the appropriateness of entries into the directory.  If you have questions about the criteria or would like to discuss an inclusion decision, please contact 211 through the Contact Us page.  211 Manitoba’s inclusion and exclusion policy is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it continues to meet the changing needs of the community.  This document is intended to define the standard for the database contents and may not, at this point, reflect the actual contents of the database. 

Head to the home page and select the “SEARCHING FOR AGENCIES” tab to find current organizations in 211 Manitoba database. 

How do I update or make a change to my existing record?

If your information is out of date, please let us know by filling out this form and a 211 Manitoba staff person will send you a link to your organization’s record. We’ve created a worksheet to help you prepare with updating your records. This worksheet will go over all of the questions that you will be asked, accompanied with comments, helpful tips and examples.

How can I add a new organization?

If you would like your organization, or one you know of, to be listed in the 211 Manitoba database, please fill out this form

How can I best ensure that my organization and its services are represented correctly?

Understanding how the 211 search engine and taxonomy (categorization) work is helpful in describing your organization and its services/programs. We have developed a tip sheet (available here) to help you best write your agency, site, or program description.

What is the difference between an agency, a program, and a site record?

The 211 database has three different types of records: Agency, Site, and Program (or Service) records.

This differentiation allows for more precise searching and is much easier to maintain. The website’s search function focuses on the program records, because users are generally looking for appropriate programs or services rather than the service provider’s name. This structure also makes it much easier to update a record should an agency move, or a given program expand or relocate. In that case typically only one record will need to be modified, rather than changing that information in all programs offered at a given site.

The Agency record provides a general and overarching statement about what the Agency does. It is best to use active verbs to describe it.

The Site record describes the site, or physical location of the agency. The description can be as straightforward as ‘is a site location for [agency x], or ‘is the administrative office of [agency x]; services are provided elsewhere, see additional service records for details. ‘ It may also include details such as ‘clothing donations can be dropped at back entrance. ‘

The Program (or Service) record describes what a specific program does for a client requesting service or further information.

For more detail about the difference between agency, program, and site records, see our info sheet here.