For Service Providers

Over 400,000 people a year connect with 211 Manitoba via phone, text, chat, or website, looking to find programs and services close to home. It’s critical that the information in the 211 Manitoba database is current and accurate so individuals and families in need of support are directed to the right organization(s) quickly and efficiently, the first time around.

211 Manitoba relies on the collaboration and partnership of service providers to confirm that the information we have on their organization is current. To ensure this, 211 Manitoba reaches out to all service providers on an annual basis to verify their information, and we encourage service providers to notify us of changes as they happen.

How do I update or make a change to my existing record?

If your information is out of date, please let us know by filling out this form, and a 211 Manitoba staff person will send you a link to your organization’s record. We’ve created a worksheet to help you with the process of updating your records. This worksheet provides information about all the questions on the form, as well as helpful tips, comments and examples.

If you’d like help updating your record, email to arrange a meeting with a 211 staff member.

How can I add a new organization?

Please fill out this form if you would like your organization or one you know of to be listed in the 211 Manitoba database.

How can I best ensure that my organization and its services are represented correctly?

Understanding how the 211 search engine and taxonomy (categorization) work is helpful in describing your organization and its services/programs. We have developed a tip sheet to help you best write your agency, site, or program description.

What is the difference between an agency, a program, and a site record?

The 211 database has three different types of records: agency, site, and program (or Service) records.

This allows for more precise searching and is much easier to maintain the database. The website’s search function focuses on the program records because users are generally looking for appropriate programs or services rather than the service provider’s name. This structure also makes it much easier to update a record should an agency move or a given program expand or relocate, requiring only one record needing to be modified rather than changing that information in all programs offered at a given site.

The Agency record provides a general description about what the agency does. It is best to use active verbs to describe it.

The Site record describes the site or physical location of the agency. The description can be as straightforward as ‘is a site location for [agency x], or ‘is the administrative office of [agency x]; services are provided elsewhere; see additional service records for details. ‘ It may also include details such as ‘clothing donations can be dropped at back entrance. ‘

The Program (or Service) record describes each agency program in detail, including service outcomes and participant eligibility.

For more information about the difference between agency, program, and site records, see our info sheet here.