How do I find what I’m looking for?

Unlike a traditional search engine, the 211 Manitoba website search function allows similar services to be found together. There are three ways to search for information on the 211 website.

  1. Quick Links: You can click on the quick link (the coloured icons on the home page) that most closely relates to the issue for which you are looking for support. Once you do so, the site will provide you with a set of ‘sub-links’ or sub-categories, allowing you to focus your search. The site will then provide you with a number of options that meet those criteria.
  2. Key Word Search: If you do not see an appropriate quick link, you may wish to type the type of service you are looking for in the search bar. If the term has a lot of services associated with it, a drop down menu will appear, allowing you to select the best option to meet your need.
  3. Organization Name: If you know the name of the organization you are look for, you can type it directly into the search bar. This will take you to the organization’s listing, including a directory of all the services it provides.

For a downloadable PDF, please click here.

**To improve your search results, make sure to enter in your city/town or postal code.