Canadian Red Cross, Manitoba Region

Restoring Family Links

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  • helps people in Canada re-establish contact with immediate family members after separation due to armed conflict, natural disaster, migration, other humanitarian crises - whether the separation from the loved one happened decades ago or recently
  • involves collecting information about persons who are missing, persons who have died, vulnerable persons such as children separated from their families, and persons deprived of their freedom
For details phone 1-866-399-8412 ext 480-2214 for RFL (English), 1-800-363-7305 ext 362-3044 for RFL (French) or email:
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phone, e-mail
Toll Free
1-866-399-8412 ext 480-2214 - Restoring Family Links
Mailing Address
817 Rosser Ave
Unit 1
Brandon, MB, R7A 0L1
English ; French
varies by program
Partially Accessible - Doors are not fully automatic
* ring door bell for assistance
* no public washrooms
* no designated handicap parking ; Wheelchair access via ground level entrance
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Last Updated On
April 13, 2023
817 Rosser Ave, Unit 1
Brandon, MB, R7A 0L1
Intersection: Rosser Ave and 9th St * crosswalk on 8th St;
Brandon location for Canadian Red Cross, Manitoba Region
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