Criminal Justice Services at Winnipeg Administrative Office

Provided By Salvation Army Correctional and Justice Services - Winnipeg

Service Description

* provides services in the criminal justice system including court attendance, institutional, community services for adults and youth

* serves as a community resource centre for the Fine Option / Community Service Order Program

* offers Chaplaincy service at correctional institutions, courts

Community Service Order: Individuals assigned this are ordered by the court to complete a specific number of community service hours.

Fine Option/Community Service Order Program: Is a community resource centre for individuals who are unable to pay a fine;Individuals perform unpaid community work equal to the value of the fine as opposed to going to prison.

* offers 5 Diversion programs:
  • Positive Lifestyle Court Diversion Program (18+)
  • Anger Management Program (18+)
  • Prostitution Offender Program for those who have been charged with soliciting, (18+)
  • Prostitution Diversion Program: Isfor people charged with communication for the purpose of prostitution (16+)
  • Choose 2 Change: isfor men charged with domestic violence.
  • Address

    Location Icon 324 Logan Ave
    2nd Flr
    MB, R3A 0L5
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