Compensation for Victims of Crime Program at Thompson Region

Provided By Manitoba. Justice, Victim Services Department

Service Description

Provides compensation to victims who suffer personal injury, hardships or expenses as a result of certain crimes. The program is also available to specific relatives and dependents of victims of homicide in Manitoba.If someone has been injured as a result of a crime, or someone is an immediate family member of a person killed due to a crime, that person may be entitled to compensation. people may also be compensated if they were injured while helping a police officer, or while trying to prevent a crime. To apply for compensation the offender need not have been caught, but a formal report must be made to police. compensation may cover reasonable expenses resulting from a crime, if not already covered by another source, including:
* payment of medical expenses (prescription drug costs, ambulance bills);
* replacement of damaged clothing or items seized by police as evidence;
* dental treatment, replacement or repair of dentures;
* replacement of the cost for grief therapy or other counseling services;
* compensation for lost wages for victims who have been disabled, or for dependents of victims who were fatally injured; Support payments for dependents; Payment for rehabilitation or retraining; Compensation for permanent disability; Payment of funeral expenses.

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