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is a provincial income supplement program providing quarterly benefits to Manitobans 55 years and older whose income falls below established levels.

If you are receiving federal Old Age Security benefits, your eligibility for the 55 Plus Senior Component is automatically determined and you need not apply. Eligibility is based on the level of benefits you receive from the Guaranteed Income Supplement or the Allowance.

If you are not receiving benefits from the federal Old Age Security program, an application form must be completed for the 55 Plus Junior Component.

If you are married and your spouse is either under 55 or over 65 you may still be eligible for benefits. An application is required.

When it has been determined that you are eligible, you will receive a cheque for each three month period. Benefits will be mailed near the end of Jan, Apr, Jul, & Oct. The first cheque will include benefits for the period during which your completed application is received.

If you have little or no personal income exclusive of Old Age Security and Guaranteed Supplement or the Allowance, then benefits may be up to $161.80 for a single person or $173.90 for married persons.

If you do not receive federal benefits you may be eligible for the following:

$161.80 maximum paid quarterly to single persons with gross annual incomes of $8,930.40 or $744 monthly or less. Partial benefits are calculated for persons with incomes between $8,930.41 and $9,746.40.

$173.90 paid quarterly to married persons with a gross family income of $14,479.20 or $1,207 monthly or less. Partial benefits are calculated for those whose family income is between $14,479.21 and $16,255.20.

If incomes are slightly above these figures, persons are encouraged to apply as there are some allowable deductions from gross income.
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