…and for the New Year

Now that the travel, excitement, busyness and stress of the holidays are over, you can catch your breath, relax and think about the New Year.

What will you do for yourself this year that will support your goals for health and well-being?  Some small examples of self care may include decluttering your house, being active, spending time with friends, healthy eating and enjoying winter in Manitoba by attending any number of our winter festivals.

Below includes additional self care ideas and links to resources to support you to be the best version of your self in 2019.

Get out and enjoy some social activities at your local rec centresski clubs, snowmobiling clubs, or sign up for, or volunteer at a local seniors outreach/friendly visiting program.  Manitoba has a number of  winter festivals and other events that can make being outdoors an enjoyable experience. Winter festivals in Manitoba include the following: Festival du Voyageur, Northern Manitoba Trappers’ FestivalRoyal Manitoba Winter Fair. For more information on tourism in Manitoba, check out Travel Manitoba. 

Check out some of these resources for post-holiday recycling:

New Year’s Resolutions

To find opportunities to get out visit ‘recreation’ either under the Youth,Older Adults, or Children and Parenting tabs. Is this the year you want to finally quit smoking? Then visit the smoking cessation programs.

Struggling with a serious addiction? Check out the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, or visit the Mental Health & Addictions tab for more specialized resources.

Looking for nutrition advice to put you on the right path in the New Year? Here’s a list of professionals who can help.

Did you overspend during the holidays? Or are you trying to get the household finances back on track? We can help with that too. To find resources go to the Financial tab and select credit counselling.